Adventure Travel: Biking and River Rafting

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by Ken Streater


One hundred years ago “adventure travel” might have meant simply going from the farm to town with an ornery set of horses pulling the wagon. Or, it could have meant driving the newest gadget, the horseless carriage, into the countryside. Adventure travel, as we know it today, could only be a dream for people one hundred years ago. Folks had to spend most of their waking hours working to survive, with far less free time and far fewer resources than we have now, to enjoy a vacation.

One hundred years from now, we don’t know what “adventure travel” will mean. There might not be wild places, as we know them today. Changes on our earth could easily change the face of adventure travel. Perhaps adventure travel will be a voyage into outer space. So, it makes sense to take advantage of the free time and beautiful nature that we have at this time in our history.

Two of the most enjoyable and rewarding adventure travel activities are rafting and bicycle touring. While unique in their character and location, they both offer first-time and veteran adventurers opportunities to experience beautiful wide-open spaces with creature comforts at every turn. Seniors, seeking a pleasurable and fully catered adventure experience, may find these two types of adventure travel tours to be the most satisfying. Whether a support vehicle on bike trip or a gear boat on a raft trip, supplies galore can be transported on these trips, assuring participants of great meals, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and so much more, even in the middle of nowhere.

Check out the questions on our web site commonly asked by those considering a rafting or biking tour, with answers from outfitting companies who pride themselves on leading/guiding first-rate adventures. We hope this information is helpful and inspires you to want to participate in your own adventure experience. And, now is the time to go! With no worries about what you need to farm for your next meal and with a world full of amazing natural places, we suggest you take advantage of your special place in time and adventure forth!


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