It’s Possible to Cycle Through Tuscany While Wine Tasting

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By Fabio Itonga

A lot of travelers to this area of Italy are attracted to only one type of art: the fine art of wine making, or more precisely in the visitors’ instance, their attention is focused on wine savoring. OK…OK Nevertheless, for art or pleasure-seeking, the wineries in the region of Tuscany offer pleasure from both.


Chianti may call to memory cheap store wines. However, rest assured that this winery is located 40 minutes from Florence and their wines are anything but an inexpensive, crude red. Close to Siena, there are numerous wineries offering (no hyphen) samples that will match the most discerning of palettes.

The most supreme grapes anywhere in Italy are found at the summits of mature acres where most of the superior wines are rated among the finest in Italy.

Next, they are processed into wine, which is equal to most superior wines. Rocca delle Macie near Castellina, or San Felice near Siena even propose lodging in the native villas.

Quite a number of wineries may be found near medieval castles, providing the whole trip a genuinely pleasurable past time. One exceptional illustration is the Castello di Uzzano famous for its Chianti Classico. The castle is near a built-up villa so guests can taste superb wine and enjoy outstanding sights.


Montalcino is no second cousin in the winemaking area. sightseeing the Castello Banfi estate will convince even the most fussy of wine tasters that this winery is definitely not the second cousin.

This winery of over 7,100 acres supplies ample production to make wonderful wines. Not like any of its neighboring estates, the establishment is only 25 years old, and is outfitted with high-tech apparatus. Although an 11th century Castleit has been astounding guests for hundreds of years.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano may be unsurpassed for its medieval towers. However, this small town is also celebrated for its white wines. Il Grande Prato can influence any expert that the repute is worthy. Wines are served up to guests while they watch sheep graze and enjoy a light snack.

Set among the mounts that provide an observation of the towers, the villa resides on three acres. It commands seven visitors rooms, but you might have the room for only an hour and try a little wine. Just an hour? Hah! Let’s see any wine lover do that.


Siena the place of Italy’s largely attractive Gothic Cathedrals, also proposes some wonderful wine tasting prospects. Among the gently sloping grassy knolls, crossing over the outer limits of settlement are snuggled up near many excellent wineries. The Villa Dievole is only one instance. Only three quarters of an hour from Florence and 30 minutes from Chianti, there are more than 800 acres.

Guests can get lodging with a large one bedroom with restroom, along with a completely practical kitchenette. That sort of residence for you being far from your residence is unusual when traveling to strange countries. Nevertheless, it doesn’t rate the terrific breakfast served. Then it’s off to sight see in the vineyards and, about mealtime, test a few wines.

It’s possible to cycle through much of Tuscany. However, many will prefer to lease a car and take in a number of the stellar villas and wineries where you will find some of the best wines in the world.

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