Trekking Adventures in Argentina

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By Jacob M Martus

In 1835 when Charles Darwin first set foot in Argentina, needless to say, he was impressed. With a huge array of wild animals and some of the world’s most breathtaking views, it’s easy to see why people enjoy trekking in Argentina. Whether you’re looking for a long multi-day hike, or just a short day trip, you’ll be sure to find it here. The most treacherous and exciting area of Argentina is Patagonia.

Located in both Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is the southern most part of South America and is well known for its untounched beauty. The primary reason people visit Patagonia is to immerse themselves in nature. Trekking is the best way to experience the natural fauna, wild forests, and massive volcanoes of Argentina.

Before taking a trekking trip to Argentina, it’s a good idea to decide on which areas of the country you’d like to see most. Maybe you’re an avid mountaineer looking for a trip to Mount Aconcagua. Or you might just be an active traveler looking for an adventure off the beaten path. Below you will find two of the most popular trekking destinations in Argentina.

Los Glaciares National Park
Located on the border to Chile, Los Glaciares National Park is found in an area called the Austral Andes. With the dry Patagonian steppe to the east and the snow-capped Andes in the west, Los Glaciaras is one of the most unique places you can visit. This park offers several different exciting and unique treks, including a walk on the Perito Moreno glacier. If you get the option to take a boat tour to the face of the glacier, I highly recommend it. There is no better way to experience the size of this glacier than by sitting in a boat 300 yards away.

One of the most popular and traveled destinations in Los Glaciares National Park is El Chalten. Known as the hiking capital of Patagonia, El Chalten is a small mountain village found in the Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. Located near the base of both the Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountains, El Chalten is also a hot spot for mountain climbing. One of the more challenging treks is to the mountain lake Laguna de los Tres. A 15 mile trek takes you through green hills and boulder filled forests to this icey blue, ancient lake. Towering above it are the Fitzroy, Poincenot, and del la Silla mountains, providing a view not to be forgotten.

Tierra Del Fuego National Park
Often times referred to as The End of the World, Tierra Del Fuego is Argentina’s only national park located on the coast. Just outside the world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego offers a wide variety of unique activities for active travelers. Hiking and Trekking are the most popular of these, and there are several different areas you can explore.

One of the most exciting and unique treks is through the caves of Alvear Glacier. Not for the faint of heart, this trek takes you inside a massive, ancient piece of ice. Carved by water flowing under the glacier, these caves are surrounded by that deep icey blue glow that only eminates from a glacier. This trek truly is an out of this world experience, taking you inside and on top of a glacier over 1000 years old.

Another popular area of Tierra Del Fuego to trek in is Laguna Verde. This is a fairly easy trek, perfect for photographers or wildlife watchers. It takes you through a unique landscape to the beautiful Laguna Verde lake. Here you can stop for a picnic lunch, and then continue down the path to Lapataia Bay near your starting point of Ushuaia.

As you can see, Argentina has tons of trekking options for you to choose from. The ones I talked about today are just the most popular, but there are many more options to choose from. Be sure to ask other travelers and local villagers for some of the less traveled destinations. With one of the most rugged and inspiring landscapes on Earth, Patagonia will never fail to enthrall adventurers and active travelers alike.


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